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Learn 2 Fly

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learn2-flyLearn 2 Fly game story line is simple. A penguin comes across an article in “Kiwipedia” that states, penguins can not fly. Discontented with the limitation the penguin decides to discover various methods to fly. The game begins with a penguin sliding downwards a ramp tilted at the end, to launch the penguin into the air. The goal of Learn 2 Fly game is to fly the penguin as high and far as you can before your penguin drops in the water. On the second version of this fantastic game, Learn 2 Fly as high and far as you can once again! This time, your penguin gets smarter and decided to send a test dummy to fly, destroying new obstacles and enemies (such as flying mammoths, frozen obstacles, birds, rockets, icebergs, and others, that you may find in the different levels). After each flight attempt, you earn money depending on the time flown, speed and height achieved. Once you earn your cash, you can use it to buy upgrades. There are six upgrades from which you can choose from: 1)Ramp heights upgrade, 2)Acceleration upgrade, 3)Air resistance upgrade, 4)Glider upgrade, 5)Rocket upgrades, 6)Rocket fuel. Ramp height helps you to begin the game at higher heights. The distance of the ramp is increased so as the steepness. For the ramp height to work efficiently, it can be aided by acceleration upgrade. Acceleration will make the sliding smooth increasing the penguins speed. Once in the air, you can use air resistance upgrade helping the penguin to retain the speed a little longer. To control the penguin fall and sustain its balance in the air, you can use glider upgrade. If you need the extra speed, there in an option to purchase a rocket and fuel for your penguin that will boost your penguin speed. You can choose between Story, Classic, or Arcade modes. The main objective is to destroy the polar scenery, and for that, you need to earn as much gold and diamonds as you can, so you can put yourself better on the way. There are five levels, each unlocked by achieving the threshold of the lower level. The achievement of the game becomes challenging and exciting as you move to higher level. Each level of Learn 2 Fly, has a different mission to make it more interesting. You can get more than 60 upgrades to make you improve your lunches, defying gravity with gliders, balloons, rockets, and others. The faster, farther and higher you fly, the best you will score. You can also complete challenges to earn unique bonus power-ups. When playing Learn 2 Fly try to earn as much money as possible to buy as many upgrades as you can. Rocket and its fuel upgrade should be your priority. The rocket will earn you a lot of money for purchasing other upgrades. Be aware, Learn 2 Fly is an amazing and addictive game!

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